Guillaume Farel an Introduction to His Theology

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This translation of Henri Heyer's thesis for his licensure, originally written in 1872, takes issue with the pervasive interpretation that Farel was a zealot rather than a theologian. On the basis of largely unpublished sources, Heyer provides a critique of Farel's theological development both before and after his encounter with Calvin, arguing that he was a systematic thinker who did in fact provide well-articulated doctrines of the Trinity, baptism, predestination, and Communion.


"Heyer in this brief work on Farel introduces us to the significant events and theology of this reformer. And from it we see just how important and influential he was particularly in the French Swiss and Upper German Reformation. Farel knew and interacted with such reformers as Zwingli, Bullinger, Oecolampadius, Capiton, Bucer, Myconius, Luther, Melancthon, and of course, Calvin. . . . This is a good introduction for scholars, pastors, and laypeople to this significant Reformer. . . . . I recommend this work to all those who are interested in knowing more about the Reformation, and in particular, to those who want to explore their roots as Protestants." - The Baptist Review of Theology

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