Scarambone, Bernardo

Dr. Bernardo Scarambone has maintained an active career as a pianist by performing in concerts and recitals in the US, Brazil, France, Spain, and Germany for over 13 years. He holds degrees from the University of Houston, Indiana University, and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Currently, he performs and teaches at Eastern Kentucky University.

Piano Works of the Brazilian Composer Marlos Nobre. A Guide to the Repertoire
2012 0-7734-2936-0
This presents a detailed and well articulated analysis of the piano works of Marlos Nobre. Nobre is a Brazilian composer who has taught at Yale, the Universities of Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, and the Juilliard School. His strong personal connection to the beloved instrument in his first composition, Homenagem a Ernesto Nazareth, Op. 1a 1959, until his latest piano creation, Frevo, Op.105 in 2007 are explained and discussed. The music represents the rich cultural heritage of his current home in Pernambuco, and in the introduction the early musical influences are explained in his own words. The background information on his early life provides a fascinating glimpse into the musical tastes that formed his personal identity as a composer. In alluding to Brazilian folk music, this work will appeal to ethnomusicologists, sociologists, as well as musicologists, and piano composers.

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