Piano Works of the Brazilian Composer Marlos Nobre. A Guide to the Repertoire

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This presents a detailed and well articulated analysis of the piano works of Marlos Nobre. Nobre is a Brazilian composer who has taught at Yale, the Universities of Indiana, Oklahoma, Arizona, and the Juilliard School. His strong personal connection to the beloved instrument in his first composition, Homenagem a Ernesto Nazareth, Op. 1a 1959, until his latest piano creation, Frevo, Op.105 in 2007 are explained and discussed. The music represents the rich cultural heritage of his current home in Pernambuco, and in the introduction the early musical influences are explained in his own words. The background information on his early life provides a fascinating glimpse into the musical tastes that formed his personal identity as a composer. In alluding to Brazilian folk music, this work will appeal to ethnomusicologists, sociologists, as well as musicologists, and piano composers.


“For me, to compose is to be able to transcribe in signs the sound images the composer elaborates in his mind, in the most perfect way possible, with their own logical organization. Therefore, I can say, once more, that the piano opened the rich consequences of my process of musical creation for practically all my works written until now.”

-Prof. Marlos Nobre
Yale University

“This riveting analysis of Nobre’s work not only brings to light the poetry of Nobre’s voice, but the genius behind his work. This book will be a necessary read for anyone interested in one of this century’s finest Brazilian composers.”

-Prof. Jennifer Cruz,
Central State University

“The young Nobre sought tirelessly for a synthesis of popular and traditional elements, even though he was constantly discouraged from doing so by his classically trained teachers. This lifelong conflict was instrumental in Nobre’s eventual achievement of a uniquely integrated musical language. Marlos Nobre created an important body of work for the piano, and this book serves as an invaluable guide for any pianist or scholar interested in exploring this rich and varied repertoire.”

-Prof. Nancy Weems,
University of Houston

Table of Contents

Preface by Marlos Nobre

Homenagem a Ernesto Nazareth Op. 1b

Nazarethiana Op. 2

Ciclos Nordestinos

Primeiro Ciclo Nordestino Op. 5

Tema e Variacóes Op. 5

16 Variacóes sobre um Tema de Fructuoso Viana Op. 8/1

Tocatina, Ponteio e Final Op. 12

Segundo Ciclo Nordestino Op. 13

Terceiro Ciclo Nordestino Op. 22

Sonata Breve Op. 24

Homenagem a Arthur Rubinstein Op. 40

Quarto Ciclo Nordestino Op. 43

Quatro Momentos Op. 44

Sonata on a Theme of Bartók Op. 45

Tango Op. 61

Sonatina Op. 66

Toccata n. 2 Op. 102

Frevo 2 Op. 105



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