Williams, Benjamin E.

About the author: Dr. Benjamin Williams received his MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary, where he was awarded the E. L. Wailes Prize for excellence in New Testament Studies. He earned his Doctor of Theology, magna cum laude, at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen, Germany. An ordained Presbyterian minister, Dr. Williams has served churches in Florida, Georgia, and Germany. He is currently pastoring near Charlotte, North Carolina, and serving as an adjunct instructor at Gaston College.

Miracle Stories in the Acts of the Apostles
2001 0-7734-7585-0
This study first examines how Luke adapted the miracles from the Gospel of Mark and identifies consistent patterns in the way he used his source materials; it then applies these criteria to the stories and summaries in Acts, and uncovers the basic outlines of eleven pre-Lukan miracle traditions and few legend fragments. It examines how the author of Luke-Acts used these stories, how they fit in the literary design of Acts, what the relationship is of miracle to faith and conversion. The miracles stories throw into sharp relief Luke’s own understanding of Christ, the human condition, and the sovereignty of God.

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