Idress, Aliyu Alhaji

Domination and Reaction in Nupeland, Central Nigeria the Kyadya Revolt, 1857-1905
1996 0-7734-8833-2
This volume describes the political organization of the Kyadya state as it existed in 1857, then examines the subjugation of the Kyadya by the Fulani-controlled administration of Bida Emirate. It covers the reaction of Kyadya to the new political order - the Kyadyan resistance which led to the Ganigan war in which the Kyadya were defeated. This led to their later support of the RNC forces and subsequent defeat of Bida. Though the Kyadya were made independent of Bida, they were brought under the authority of the RNC, which marked the final stage of the collapse of the Kyadya state. It then deals with the era of colonial administration which reduced Kyadya to a mere district of Bida Emirate. This is one of the few works available on this under-researched area of Nigeria.

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