Harper, Albert W. J.

About the author: Dr. Albert Harper is the author of Discussion and Commentary on Kant's Critiques (1996) and Studies in the Interrelationship Between Miracles and the Laws of Nature (1993), and The Philosophy of Time (1997) all published by Mellen.

Discussion and Commentary on Kant's Critiques
1996 0-7734-8905-3
These four essays focus on various aspects of Kant's philosophical writings: first an explication of important features of the first Critique; a critical discussion of the relationship established between substance and time in the First Analogy; Kant's theory of morals and deontological ethics, its merits and demerits; and the final essay claims that in the Critique of Judgment, the concepts of imagination and judgment have been enlarged and altered in meaning to accommodate a new synthesis that must now be acknowledged in Kant's epistemology to account for human experience in its entirety.

Philosophy of Self
2000 0-7734-7887-6
This book looks into early Greek philosophy for a treatment of what is meant by the concept of soul and soulness, carrying forward the use of this term as it was defended in the third century AD by Plotinus, the founder of Neoplatonism. In the present essay, soul, self and selfhood are also placed in relationship with belief and judgment, noting that belief, with or without evidence, is more convincing to the self than simply a statement of facts, and must come before a full understanding of the manifold can be arrived at.

Philosophy of Time
1997 0-7734-8618-6
This is a treatment of time as it is experienced in human intuition, but also the attempt to capture time in some epistemologically significant form. Proposals to interpret time from a mathetmatical approach or from the perspective of the physical sciences are examined with reference to recent investigations by Adolf Gr├╝nbaum and W. H. Newton-Smith. In addition to a brief treatment of Kant's theory of time, main themes include: the origin of time; the nature of time; the direction of time; time and identity, time and ontology; time as principle; geometricization of time; the metric of time; and the disappearance of time.

Studies in the Interrelationship Between Miracles and the Laws of Nature
1993 0-7734-9875-3
This book is an examination of the perennial wonderment, characteristic of human consciousness, essential in order to cope with the inability of reason to fully explain all the events of experience

Theodicy of Suffering
1989 0-88946-842-7
A different approach to theodicy, whereas God as pure Godhead is eternal, without form and without property of any kind, it is humankind rather than God that is in need of vindication in the light of the disturbances and ills that we are called upon to bear.