Subject Area: Religion Old Testament Study

An Intratextural Analysis of the Mirroring Birth Stories of Samson and Samuel: Explaining the Narrative Logic of Literary Montage
2015 1-4955-0399-2
“In this fascinating and scholarly work by Mollo, there is an intellectual weaving of two similar yet different plots, including characters, motifs and wordings and with two distinctive logical conclusions that arguably apply to each other. The aim which is achieved is to reconstruct the literary causes and goals (narrative logic) governing form and content in both accounts, in order to explain how this mirroring effect works to convey meaning to both stories.”
-Dr. Glen Reynolds,
University of Sunderland, UK

Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Ecclesiastes
2016 1-4955-0429-8
This is a comprehensive study of Ecclesiastes in commentary form that explores all aspects of the book and its interpretations, ancient and modern. It explores Ecclesiastes in the light of contemporary Judeo-Christian historical, theological, and biblical scholarship, with special attention to the role of Ecclesiastes among the Megilloth, the Five (biblical) Scrolls liturgically read at five important festivals in the Jewish community.

Critical Appraisal of the Origin and Nature of the Institution of the Monarchy in Israel in the Light of Eric Voegelin’s Theory of Symbolic Forms
2003 0-7734-6682-7
This interdisciplinary study uses Voegelin’s ‘Theory of Symbolic Forms’ as a framework from which to study the development of the monarchy in Israel in its move from compactness to differentiation. The study offers an explanation of the contradictions that the ambivalence of the monarchy presents. Old Testament scholars to date have ignored or not given due attention to Voegelin’s Theory of Symbolic Forms. That is unfortunate, because by going beyond the philological preoccupations of Scripture scholars, Voegelin goes right to the heart of the ‘meaning’ of the texts. Voegelin connects the Old Testament symbolism to human experience and shows that it is still relevant to the contemporary world. This study is in keeping with the recent contemporary shift from historical criticism to narrative criticism in Biblical studies and its application to the biblical domain provides a new method and approach that should be of benefit not only to philosophers and biblical exegetes, but also to theologians, historians, political scientists and scholars of ancient civilizations.

Grace and Law in Second Isaiah
1988 0-88946-087-6
Develops the thesis that II Isaiah presented a message that included the themes of both grace and law. Although II Isaiah did not refer explicitly to the covenant at Mount Sinai or invoke its obligations, Isaiah's frequent use of formulas of divine self-predication, such as "I am the Lord," indicated that the close interrelationship of the themes of grace and law was integral to the structure of his thought.

Two Thousand Year History of the Influence of Song of Songs on Religion, Literature, Music, and Art
2011 0-7734-3810-6
This work presents the wide range of influence of the ‘Song of Songs’ on world culture. It demonstrates the long history of confrontation of the immense number of allegorical interpretations with secular (literal) commentaries. This book contains twenty-four black and white photographs and twelve color photographs.