Eidevall, Göran

Dr. Göran Eidevall is an Associate Professor of Hebrew Bible exegesis at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. His Ph.D was obtained at the University of Lund, Sweden.

Sacrificial Rhetoric in the Prophetic Literature of the Hebrew Bible
2012 0-7734-2915-8
It addresses a problem that has created much scholarly controversy, namely the different attitudes in the prophetic literature of the Hebrew Bible towards the sacrificial cult. This somewhat controversy is the subject of debate because the interpretation of sacrificial rituals is still disputed. Even more disputed is the literature of its criticism in prophetic literature. It has been suggested that the prophetic “No!” to sacrifices that can be heard in some passages of the Hebrew Bible was not meant in an absolute sense. This book discusses the nuances of how to interpret the prophetic tendencies towards sacrifices, which were different at different times in history. At many points in the Bible a prophecy is made regarding sacrifices. The conclusion drawn by the author might be startling. Concluding that sacrifice was of central importance in the life of Israel and Judah, even to the prophets, the case is made that sacrifice was an integral part of the Hebrew Bible.