Gakuru, Griphus

About the author: Dr. Gakuru was born in Uganda. He received his PhD from Selwyn College, University of Cambridge. He was secondary school teacher and teacher, and Tutor in Old Testament at Bishop Tucker Theological College, and part-time Visiting Lecture

An Inner Biblical Exegetical Study of the Davidic Covenant and the Dynastic Oracle
2000 0-7734-7743-8
The Davidic covenant is one of the most controversial theological themes in the Old Testament. Its problems concern the literary and theological relationships among the texts that express it, especially with regard to its conditionality, continuity, and relationship to the Sinaitic covenant. This study uses an inner-biblical exegetical approach to arrive at a solution. It reveals that to maintain the continuity of the Davidic covenant tradition, the theologians and ideologists of Old Testament times reinterpreted and applied to it their respective new and challenging circumstances, by adding glosses to the original dynastic oracle, by rephrasing it, by quoting sections of it, or by merely alluding to it with a certain understanding of it in mind. It is this contextual re-interpretation and reuse that accounts for the apparent inconsistencies and contradictions.