Subject Area: Music-Wind Instruments

An Examination of the Neo-Classical Wind Works of Igor Stravinsky-The Octet for Winds and Concerto for Piano and Winds
 Lubaroff, Scott
2004 0-7734-6472-7 132 pages
This study asserts that Stravinsky’s Octour pour instruments a vents (1923) is pivotal within Stravinsky’s progressions in regard to orchestrational practice, instrumental choices, and compositional choices, and presents it as the point in which all of these transitions came together for the first time. After an opening discussion of Stravinsky’s early life and compositional career, it concentrates on setting up the Octet and Concerto through discussion of the years leading up to their composition. In addition to placing the two works within their context of their position and broader influence upon Stravinsky’s surrounding production, it provides a full musical analysis of the Octet, followed by comparative analysis between it and the Concerto. The analysis is predominantly centered around compositional practices and orchestrational techniques.

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An Index of Excerpts and an Overview of Published Orchestral Bassoon Excerpt Collections with a Comparison of Three Collections
 Kott, Tama I.
2004 0-7734-6478-6 202 pages
The study of orchestral excerpts is essential for those who aspire to orchestral or teaching positions. This book contains a database of published orchestral excerpt collections for bassoon both in and out of print. The overview provides general information on the compilers or editors, the contents, and other information pertinent to a specific collection. The comparison among three collections (Gumbert, Stadio, Kolbinger and Rindersapcher) illustrates how excerpt collection for bassoon evolved over a one-hundred year publication period. The compilation fills a void in bassoon pedagogy.

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Prophetic Trumpets: Wind and Wind-Chorus Music by Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner
 Kinder, Keith
2016 1-4955-1118-9 252 pages
"Franz Liszt and Richard Wagner stand at the center of European music in the nineteenth century. These two musical giants cast such broad shadows over their century that it is virtually impossible to discuss any aspect of Romantic music without making reference to one or both of them. ...It is rather surprising that, to date, their wind music has attracted little attention--an oversight this volume addresses." - Keith Kinder

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