Subject Area: Music-Specific Conductor

Pied Piper: The Many Lives of Noah Greenberg
 Gollin, James
2023 1-4955-1123-5 428 pages
This is a biography of Noah Greenberg. "Before Noah Greenberg, a huge repertoire, indeed more than half of the entirety of Western music, was known only to scholars and was dry, dusty, and abstract even to them: the music of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Baroque. It became Noah's mission to discover, explore and interpret this music and bring it to life. ...In his brief life--he died at age forty-seven, in 1966--Noah Greenberg's greatest service to music was to bring to life a wonderful repertory. But scarcely less important was his impassioned determination to have early music performed as it should be performed. That is, with due care for its sonorities and due respect for historical accuracy, but also--and above all--with expressive richness and fullness." -James Gollin

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