Subject Area: Music-Composition

An Annotated Bibliography of Research of Robert Moog: His Life, Writings, and Contributions
 Anthony, Kevin
2019 1-4955-0783-1 56 pages
This reference work catalogs the research on electronic music pioneer Robert Moog.

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An Index of Excerpts and an Overview of Published Orchestral Bassoon Excerpt Collections with a Comparison of Three Collections
 Kott, Tama I.
2004 0-7734-6478-6 202 pages
The study of orchestral excerpts is essential for those who aspire to orchestral or teaching positions. This book contains a database of published orchestral excerpt collections for bassoon both in and out of print. The overview provides general information on the compilers or editors, the contents, and other information pertinent to a specific collection. The comparison among three collections (Gumbert, Stadio, Kolbinger and Rindersapcher) illustrates how excerpt collection for bassoon evolved over a one-hundred year publication period. The compilation fills a void in bassoon pedagogy.

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Theory and Composition of Percussion Music
 Larrick, Geary
2004 0-7734-6363-1 164 pages
This book is a blend of art and science, with the art being music and the science being bibliography. The books is divided into three sections, that discuss subjects of music theory, scholarly sources and new publications from the later half of the 20th century respectively.

The first section of essays address subjects in the area of music theory especially, such as form, sound, rhythm, melody and harmony. The analytical scope ranges from ancient Greek philosophy through contemporary avant garde. Multicultural sources are included, with a base of western art music. However, as is true in the field of percussion worldwide, classical music is combined with popular and jazz musics, in addition to ethnic and educational sources.

In the second section, Books and Articles address scholarly sources such as Professor Benward, Leonard Bernstein, Dr. Cho, the Harvard Dictionary of Music, Forte, Goetschius, Goldman, Paul Hindemith, Jaques Dalcroze, Kennan, Persichetti, Piston, Rameau, Michael Rosen, Salzer, Schenker, Arnold Schoenberg, Dr. Otice Sircy, Shinichi Suzuki, Zarlino and Dr. Zarro. The format is bibliographic essays, with commentary about these notable sources as well as the inclusion of author experience that is related to the subject at hand. In this section, music theory is discussed from the Renaissance to the 20th Century.

The final section Methods and Compositions, studies new publications from the second half of the 20th Century. Composers included are Bach, Beck, Benson, Cirone, Dameron, Dinicu, Erickson, Harrison, Kraft, Molenhof, Pratt, Schinstine, Tchaikovsky, Turlet and Wasson. Pedagogues cited include Balent, Drummers Collective, Firth, Moore, Spohn, Whaley and Whistler.

Discussions incorporate scholarship, analysis, composing, teaching, history and interpretation. An effort has been made to include women in this history as well, although often the citations are from the author's professional experience. Many, many names are part of this monograph, all important people in this author's life in music for more than fifty years. A balance is maintained between classical and popular, tradition and invention, theory and composition, percussion and other instruments. Several ethnic traditions are part of this story.

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Works for the Viola by Pulitzer Prize Winning Composers: An Annotated Bibliography
 Weaver, Michael Alan
2006 0-7734-5737-2 184 pages
The Pulitzer awards in music have been representative of America’s best composers since 1917. Twenty-eight Pulitzer Prize winning composers, three Pulitzer Traveling Scholarship recipients, and two Pulitzer Special Award winners have written compositions for viola solo, viola with keyboard, and for viola with orchestra. This annotated bibliography catalogues each Pulitzer award winner’s compositions for these instrumentations. Each entry includes information concerning the composition’s premiere, publication details, dedication, commission, availability, a brief description, a selective bibliography, and a selective discography. Only compositions originally for viola and orchestra, viola and keyboard or viola solo are included. Some works are for another instrument or viola, as indicated by the original composer. Transcriptions by someone other than the original composer and works written for another alto clef instrument, but not for the viola, are not included. Descriptions of compositions were gleaned from music critics, prominent viola performers, presidents of composer societies, the composers themselves, reviews in journals and newspapers, or from performance and recording program notes. A brief history of the Pulitzer Prize in music is included. Publisher contact information, along with their instructions concerning the acquisition of out- of-print, archive or made-to-order requests, is also included.

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