Writings of Celia Parker Woolley (1848-1919), Literary Activist

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No other literary study of Celia Parker Woolley exists at this time. This important woman writer, social worker, and Unitarian minister wrote novels which rank with those of her more well-known contemporaries such as Margaret Delan, Henry Adams, and William Dean Howells. This study sets its literary subject in social, religious, and historical contexts, contributing to the cultural studies of late-19th century America.


"In such a work of recovery, what is especially interesting is that Woolley's novels, such as the one on divorce issues, can be compared and contrasted favorably with novels that we usually take to be canonical. . . . the work of Schweninger on such a figure helps us to understand more deeply and comprehensively the discourse of a certain historical era. . . . Schweninger's sense of this intellectual and politically concerned woman's lively response to major issues of era is what makes this work so valuable." - Richard Hutson

Table of Contents

Table of Contents
Foreword by Pattie Cowell
Preface: The Western Woman
1. Heart and Head: A Biographical Sketch
2. The Unitarian Context: A Method of Thought
3. Among the Divines: Love, Theology, and Love and Theology
4. The Disfranchised: Writings on Equal Rights Reform
5. Ariadne's Legacy: Feminist Politics in A Girl Graduate
6. Individual Freedom and Social Responsibility in Roger Hunt
7. Roger Hunt: Buried Alive, Recovering Lives
8. The Decline and Regeneration of the New Woman
Epilogue: An Angel at the Gate
Notes, Sources, Index

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