Women of Mr. Wesley's Methodism

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"While we have always known that women played an important role in early Methodism, we can now see more clearly how varied and significant the role was. The style is clear and readable. Recommended for college and specialized theological libraries." - Religious Studies Review

"Earl Kent Brown believes, with good reason, that historians have unduly neglected the Methodist women of the eighteenth century; he intends to right the balance. . . . This book brings together in one place information not readily available to the public; for this, the author deserves our thanks." - American Historical Review

"[Brown] and others who document the experience of women in Methodism (and indeed in any religious tradition) call for the revisioning of history, which has been written from an almost exclusively male perspective, and for that we should be grateful." - Journal of the American Academy of Religion

"Earl Kent Brown's book is the first to treat systematically the leadership role which various women played in the early Methodist movement. . . . We need more studies of this kind highlighting the contributions women have made over the centuries to various religious enterprises." - Church History

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