Wisdom and Law in the Reign of Solomon

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This study uses recent literary theory to reconcile apparent contradictions and discrepancies in the narrative concerning Solomon (I Kings 1-11) into an internally coherent statement about wisdom and law. After a brief survey of various historical-critical approaches, it moves to a literary perspective to show literary criticism's convergence and divergence with historical criticism. It outlines an appropriate methodology to begin a holistic study. It examines the deep structure, and drawing upon the structural analysis, pulls together the themes embedded in the narrative, especially Solomon's volatile relationship to wisdom and torah.


"The value of this book lies in at least three qualities. First, the author is able to introduce the new literary criticism without recourse to arcane argot. Second, literary analysis in the author's hands is more than a descriptive tool: it becomes an interpretive one. Third, P's discussion of the historical-critical methodologies is not marred by overwrought rhetoric proclaiming their worthlessness. . . . Those whom P. describes as 'traditionally trained' and unfamiliar with literary-critical study of the Bible will find this book a helpful introduction that presents the author's case clearly, concretely, and persuasively." - The Catholic Biblical Quarterly

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