Whipping Song

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"The Whipping Song makes us connect our lives. In spare, unpretentious verse Slade asks us to think about racism, history, love, the beauty of nature, the homeless, old teachers, young daughters, political hypocrisy -- and more. These are splendid, moving poems." -- Elizabeth Ammons

"This is a poetry as exuberation, ripe as the toasty fields of Africa. This man has a beautifully clear and honorable, exuberant voice whose natural tone is in praise and in celebration of the good, though he isn't above a bit of mockery when he deems it a fit response to human ill. The poems are clear exuberant barkings like shouts of joy and like shouts that announce the absence and the inutility of joy. . . . This is a lovely gift, welcome as a new morning and health." -- Dusty Dog Reviews

"Here, intermingling personal experiences with real world events, he has crafted a powerful work which, when reflected on, compels one to look closer at life and its frailties. This powerful volume speaks to one's deepest senses, teaching and telling a story worth hearing." -- Raymond M. Burse, JD.

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