What the Black Box Said

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"Visually and emotionally, Wright's poems are neither neat nor tidy. They begin in one place and make sharp unpredictable turns." - Andrea Hollander Budy

"Terry Wright. . . deploys a sardonic black humor. . . . Using compound noun structures that twist on unexpected enjambments, Wright turns conventional idioms into language that satirizes itself. . . . rescues from the detritus of pop culture the enduring shards of surrealistic virtuosity." - Nebo: A Non-Literary Journal

"Wright's poems are, finally, acts of witness to the insanity of the end of this century. They are testimonials to that which must survive within us even as it is destroyed in the world beyond us by us. These are poems which understand that, as Garbage in puts it, 'All our talk/of objects is a surface and nature is repetitive.'" - George Looney

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