What is Adolescent Mental Health?

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This guide offers a unique approach to the identification of, early intervention in, prevention of, and preparation for a variety of harmful adolescent behaviors. The author provides guidelines for implementing a comprehensive model of wellness strategies that promote adolescent resiliency.


“Adolescence is a critical, difficult time where numerous issues emerge for both the adolescent and his/her loved ones. ... This book encourages the reader to think about these concerns through thoughtful questions, helpful scales and tables, and strategies and recommendations. ... Dr. Stebnicki is to be commended for having taken on such a monumental task and having done so well at it.” - Geri Miller, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling, Appalachian State University

“This work by Dr. Mark A. Stebnicki seamlessly blends decades of prevention, wellness, and resiliency research with Dr. Stebnicki’s experiences as a researcher, educator, and perhaps most importantly as a father. The book offers parents, educators, services providers, and others access to exploring the lives of adolescents from multiple and complex perspectives. ... Dr. Stebnicki’s artful and practical approach connecting research-based outcomes and techniques with hands-on approaches provides the reader with the tools necessary for making a real and lasting impact in the lives of adolescents.” - Joseph E. Keferl, Rh.D., CRC, Associate Professor, Graduate Rehabilitation Counseling - Chemical Dependency Program, Department of Education and Human Services, Wright State University

Table of Contents

1 Holisic Models of Adolescent Wellness in a Socio-Cultural Environment
2 Hard Times and Resilient Youth: Reconnecting Disconnected Adolescents
3 A Framework for Understanding Youth Risk Factors and Violence
4 Adolescent Development: Meeting the Challenges of Life Transitions
5 Recognizing Adolescent Risk Factors Early-on: A Functional Threat Assessment Approach
6 Adolescent Mental Health Risk Factors
7 Bullying: Perpetrators and Victims
8 The Anxiety and Stress of Terrorism, War, and Natural Disasters: Guidelines for Coping with the Extraordinary and Traumatic Stressors
9 The Skills of Empathy: Enhancing Opportunities for Improved Communication
10 Empathic Responding: Becoming a Skilled Helper
11 Emotional Intelligence: The Heart of Empathy and Resiliency
12 Transition from School-to-Work and Career Choices
13 Recommendations for Structured Training and Discussion Groups
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