What Went on Behind the Curtain at the Nuremberg Trials? Secrets, Forgeries, Thefts, and Deals

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The text of this book contains interviews with Robert Kempner that were translated by Jane Lester. The translation was presented to the "Old Nurembergers" who gathered in Washington, D.C. for a final reunion in 1996.

Table of Contents

"Greetings to the Nuremberg Reunion" by Jane Lester
Foreword by Robert M.W. Kempner
"Now the Pogroms Will Begin Here"
"The House of Galileo"
"Foreign Agents"
"None of Them Were Homesick for Hitler"
"War Crimes Commission"
"International Law Consists of Revolutionary Ideas"
"The Nuremberg Laboratory"
"Would You Like to be a Defense Lawyer Here?"
"Cross Examiners"
"Explain To Me How It Could Happen"

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