WEIMAR CLASSICISMStudies in Goethe, Schiller, Forster, Berlepsch, Wieland, Herder, and Steiner

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The essays contained in this volume address topics that often overlooked in existing scholarship. The book considers a wider circle of writers of Weimar Classicism and takes into account writers affected and impacted in their lives by the classical project. This present volume includes essays on the main two proponents of Weimar Classicism: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and Friedrich Schiller. Others, who lived in Weimar, or were affected by the culture of Weimar Classicism include: Georg Forster and Emilie Berlepsch, Christoph Martin Wieland, Johann Gottfried Herder, and Rudolf Steiner, and the aim is to analyse these writers from predominantly fresh perspectives, using different themes with the intention of continuing to explore and elucidate the extremely complex area of Weimar Classicism.

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