Voices of Successful African American Men

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Perceptions of African American men are too often founded on the limited and negative history of slavery and the Trans Atlantic slave trade in America. This work is founded on perceptions of African American men in their native country of Africa. Historical writers such as Cheikh Anta Diop, John G. Jackson write of the thriving, robust civilizations and kingdoms of Africa before European colonization. They chronicle the African man in his native country of Africa, successfully and spiritually caring for himself, his family, and his community; letting his voice be heard with dignity and integrity. These are the same types of men that Moore’s research explores in an effort to examine the factors that have been the cornerstone for their success as they function in an oftentimes racist, Eurocentric society. This book details the participatory research approach in which the author engages five successful African-American men in dialogue to explore their reflections on those factors that have contributed to their present success.
Moore’s participatory research study chronicles 5 African American men who have successfully and spiritually cared for themselves, their family, and their community; letting their voice be heard with dignity and integrity. These men are but the tip of a social and cultural iceberg, exemplifying the majority of African American men. Their stories, not the mass media stereotypes of the African American man, are the true story of African American men. Moore’s critical work is additional research that adds to the body of knowledge that presents an authentic and realistic view of the African American man.


“As President of Morehouse College, the nation’s largest institution of higher education for men, and the only institution of its kind that focuses on the unique educational and developmental needs of African American men, I am particularly appreciative of the work Lois Moore has done in her excellent book, “Voices of Successful African American Men…..By organizing and analyzing the literature on the voices of successful African American men, and by “stirring” and recording the voices of several black men who embody and exemplify success, Ms. Moore has paved the way for other scholars to do meaningful research on this important topic. Now that the voices of successful black men are finally being heard, we all would be well served to listen.” - (From the Commendatory Preface) Dr. Walter Massey, President of Morehouse College

“There continues to be a dearth of research on males of color, particularly African American males, focused outside the areas of sports, violence, anti-social and destructive behavior. To help address this void, Lois Moore has written an excellent book which takes exception to the narrow and almost universal “Deficit Theory” portrayal of African American males. Moore’s work is far more than a collection of interviews. It is rich in content and practice, as Moore gets five successful African American men to explain the life experiences, events, people, and other factors that led to their success. Moore draws upon ancestral, historical, sociological, and psychological factors to explain why the voices of African American men have been silenced and remain for the most part muted today……Students of all colors (and white is a color) in education programs both at the preservice and inservice level would enrich their understanding, and in many cases correct their understanding of the African American male by reading [this work].” – Carl Grant, Chair of Department of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The book is a 'must read' for all students in secondary and post secondary education." - Dr. Betty Taylor, University of San Francisco

Table of Contents

1. The Research Problem
2. Review of the Literature
3. Methodology
4. Findings of the Study
5. Conclusion, Recommendations, and Reflections

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