Voegelin and the Theologian Ten Studies in Interpretation

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A search by ten authors for Voegelin's theological identity: a general introduction with a review of the critical literature on Voegelin's work and nine essays that deal with various aspects of his thought.


". . . an excellent collection. It is one of the very few where the writers all do a very good job. More than this, the overall tenor of the work is synchronized so that while one notices variant styles, the thought patterns are congenial and congruent to each other. Secondly, while pursuing very elusive ideas, the writing is uncomplicated. . . . The selections [are] uniformly very good. This is a scholarly work of the first order." - Religious Studies and Theology

". . . should be made available for both undergraduates and graduate work." - Horizons ". . . a useful volume for the specialist on [Voegelin] and a helpful introduction for readers who want to know more about him." - Theological Studies

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