Vision Quest of the Plains Indians. Its Spiritual Significance

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An introduction to Plains Indians history and a general overview of Sioux/Cheyenne religious thought, with a description of their major ceremonies. Shows how the vision quest was as essential to the relatively simple, peaceful Cheyenne as it was to the more systematized, sacrificially violent Sioux.


". . . a sensitive study that at once wishes to establish native traditions as a fruitful area for theological insight and as possessors of a distinctive revelatory system. Along the way it succeeds in knocking several popular misconceptions in the head." - Studies in Religion - Sciences Religieuses

"Dugan presents the vision quest with Christian theologians in mind. . . . Dugan documents her arguments carefully. Readers seeking anthropological data about the vision quest will be rewarded. Apologists for the complementarity of Christian theology and American Indian religions will also find here documentation. Appropriate for general readers, college and university collections." - Choice

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