Vanitas Still Lifes of Harmen Steenwyck (1612-1656) Metaphoric Realism

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Deals with original and specific material on the vanitas still lifes of the 17th-century Dutch painter Harmen Steenwyck, the acknowledged leader in this genre. Creates a metaphoric reading of the vanitas theme to his pieces and presents a unique view of the reading of iconography, since the concept of visual metaphor is explored and applied to the analyses of Steenwyck's paintings. Contains 42 illustrations of Harmen Steenwyck's works


". . . hints at the multiple connections between Dutch Calvinists and the Roman Catholic Church for their reliance on common metaphors . . . is also a monograph on Steenwyck. . . . We can be grateful to the author for the list [of accepted and spurious works on Steenwyck] and the themes so that future writings can now use this basis to build further on the career of Harmen Steenwyck." - Ann Stewart Balakier

"I consider this book a highly successful study. The author introduces us to the art of the vanitas still life, explores its historical context, and investigates and explicates the complexities of the works of Harmen Steenwyck and others. Koozin's work is a fine contribution to 17th-century humanistic studies." - Seventeenth-Century News

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