Una BibliografÍa Anotada De Obras Escritas Por Mujeres En Euskera/an Annotated Bibliography of Works Written by Women in Basque

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This is the most exhaustive bibliography compiled on Basque works written by women, since their first poems in the late 18th and 19th centuries through the year 2000. The work is divided into two parts: literature for adults and literature for children, which is then further divided into narrative, poetry, and drama. Works are entered alphabetically by author. Complete bibliographical reference to each work is given and a brief commentary on the topic of each work is included.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Prólogo; Prefacio
Obras para adultos: narrativa; poesía; teatro
Obras para niños y jóvenes: narrativa, poesía, teatro
El relevo: narrativa; poesía
Autoras sin catalogar
Apéndice 1: traducciones
Apéndice 2: glosario
Obras consultadas; Índice de autoras

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