Um Estudo Sociolinguistico Dos Afro-Amazonidas no Brasil. A Imigracao e a Mudança de Lingua

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Through an analaysis of linguistic patterns and speakers’ social networks, this study examines how the descendants of Barbadian and Grenadian immigrants from Porto Velho, Brazil contribute either to the maintenance of the English language and the consequent preservation of bilingualism, or to the dominance of the Portuguese language. The work also analyzes how these patterns are linked to group conceptions, to ethnic identity and to social and economic status.
In Portuguese.


“. . . opens the door to new studies regarding the Afro-Amazonic peoples, which have received little attention up to now in Brazil and in the rest of the world.” – Prof. Júlio César Barreto Rocha, Federal University, Rondônia, Brazil

“Through the description of the morphosyntactical aspects of the English spoken by the group, the author showed parallelisms with the Creole English spoken in Barbados, with other Atlantic Creoles, varieties of non Standard English, some African languages and with Brazilian Portuguese.” – Prof. Graça Maria Teixeira da Silva, Federal University, Acre, Brazil

Table of Contents

Lista de Tabelas
Lista de Figuras
Lista de diagramas
Foreword por Celia Vázquez Garcia
Preface / Agradecimentos
1. Alguns Aspectos Históricos, Culturais e Sociais das Línguas Envolvidas e do Grupo Étnico
2. Contatos de Língua
3. Características do inglês oral do grupo étnico
4. Formação lexical do inglês oral do grupo étnico
5. Redes de comunicação dos informantes

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