U. S.-South Korean Alliance, 1961-1988: Free-Riding or Bargaining?

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In this study, Lee and Heo confront the conventional wisdom about burden-sharing in military alliances through a detailed and extensive examination of the USA-Korean military pact. Domestic politics, as much as international concerns, emerge as the key factors that define the context within which the USA and Korea negotiated the level of Korea’s contribution to the alliance.


“This is a timely and well written work that provides a valuable expansion on the extant literature of defense burden sharing by further elaborating and expanding on the free rider and bargaining models underlying economic theories of alliance. Through application to the US-South Korea alliance, this book establishes an essential framework for future discussion on defense burden sharing in general.” – Hans Stockton

“This is a very timely and useful look at the defense burden sharing. In this book, Lee and Heo provide not only a useful framework for assessing the alliance relationship with respect to burden sharing, but also bring clarity and relevance to the economic theory of alliance. This volume promises to be often cited.” – Karl DeRouen, Jr.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
1. Introduction
2. The Pure Public Goods Model
3. The Evolution of the US-South Korea Alliance
4. Latent and Tacit Bargaining in the US-South Korea Alliance
5. Explicit Bargaining
6. Summary and Conclusions
Appendices; Notes; References; Index

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