Two Theological Languages by George Grant and Other Essays in Honor of His Work

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Essays other than Grant's include "George Grant Remembered," "George Grant and Leo Strauss: A Parting of the Ways," "The Suffering of Love: George Grant and Simone Weil," "Do George Grant and Martin Heidegger Share a Common Conservatism," "Technology and the Masks of Prometheus: A Post-Grantian Meditation," "George Grant and the Problem of Theodicy in Western Christianity," and "Lament and Hope: Thoughts on Roman Catholicism in the United States."


"All the contributions warrant comment. Suffice it to say that all are highly original and timely attempts to continue to think passionately about matters which engaged George Grant's thought throughout his lifetime. It is understandable that he approved of these essays and encouraged their publication." - Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses

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