Twentieth-Century Florida Authors

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This work profiles 14 important writers who live in and write about the state of Florida. The five novelists, four historians, three environmentalists, and two folklorists have made important contributions to twentieth-century literature and have written extensively about the state. This book of profiles was based on extensive interviews with each writer, with a careful analysis of their written work, and with professional reviews by others in their fields. The result is the first in-depth analysis of this complete group, an important contribution to regional literature. Writers examined: E.W. Carswell, Harry Crews, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Hampton Dunn, David Kaufelt, Stetson Kennedy, Eugene Lyon, Richard Powell, Jack Rudloe, Marjory Bartlett Sanger, Herrell Shofner, Frank Slaughter, Patrick Smith, Charlton Tebeau.


". . . fills a void in our knowledge of the current Florida literary scene. . . . Because Dr. McCarthy was able to interview each of the authors, he has been able to achieve a greater insight into the writers and their work than would have been possible from a study of their writings." - Stuart McIver, author of Hemingway's Key West, editor of South Florida History Magazine.

". . . it will be a perennial source of information, mostly available nowhere else, about these writers. At least two of them - Marjorie Stoneman Douglas and Stetson Kennedy - are of such legendary stature that their lives intertwine with memorable events in Florida history. Frank Slaughter, especially, has had a major impact on the writing of historical fiction in America. Kevin McCarthy's work is uniformly of high quality. He has been scrupulous in gathering information and thorough in presenting it. He insures objectivity by balancing necessarily sympathetic portrayals with references to negative criticism. . . . This book is a continuation of the work that has made him the most highly regarded authority on Florida literature. . . . a timeless reference book as well as a 'must-read' for all scholars of Florida history and literature, as well as for general readers." - from the review by Richard Adicks, University of Central Florida, author of A Court for Owls and LeConte's Report on East Florida

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