Turbulence and Instabilities

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Monograph presents the newest results in the numerical modeling and computer simulation of turbulence. Treated in Chapter 1 is one of the complicated types of fully developed shear turbulent flows, namely – the phenomena within the wake (both the close-range and long-range one) behind the moving body, oceanic flows, etc. Apart of the three-dimensionality and unsteadiness, here one takes into account, as well, the medium’s compressibility and the effect of viscosity. All the observations, as a whole, form the basis for the “rational” approach, which is not quite ordinary for the numerical modeling of turbulence. The studies of various kinds of hydrodynamic instabilities (chapters 2 and 3) are of unquestionable interest, especially by three-dimensional calculations extended to large temporal intervals, up to the turbulent stage. Finally, chapter 4 is devoted to an investigation of the problems of turbulence, using the statistical Monte-Carlo method. That approach proved to be highly effective when considering the problems of rarefied gas dynamics. In English

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