Transformation of Catholic Religious Art in the Twentieth Century: Father Marie-Alain Couturier and the Church at Assy, France

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A study of the influential, but obscure, Father Marie-Alain Couturier and his modernist revolution in liturgical art. This book contains ten color photographs and two black and white photographs.


“. . . gives a compelling intellectual portrait of a man who turned church art on its ear but remains unknown even to the educated public.” - Prof. Vince Luizzi, Texas State University

“. . . examines the stormy relationship of a seemingly radical yet intensely faithful servant of God with the monolithic Church. The telling of this story provides an important context for the larger battles fought, won, and lost by society in the early and mid-twentieth century.” – Prof. J. Stephen Lahr, Valdosta State University

“. . . an intriguing and unique study of the transformation of sacred and liturgical art and architecture during the twentieth century. . . . years in exile served as an important catalyst for his drastic personal conversion that resulted in his complete reception of abstract art. Orenduff notes that not only was he accepting of a new pictorial language, but he felt that non-representational imagery constituted the highest possible expression of spirituality in art.” – Prof. Deborah Jamieson, Armstrong Atlantic University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prof. Vince Luizzi
1. A Synopsis of Church Art Prior to Couturier
2. Father Marie-Alain Couturier
3. Couturier in America
4. The Church at Assy
5. The Controversy at Assy

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