Toward a Thomist Methodology

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Challenges the fundamental assumption of traditional Thomism that the esse/essence distinction drawn by St. Thomas Aquinas lies within the domain of philosophy (nature) rather than theology (grace), since Thomas himself supposed the substantial correlation of esse and essence to be natural, thereby relegating grace to the role of accident.


". . . intelligently treats the philosophical bases of Thomistic theology . . . . well worth reading for Little's acuity in identifying problems." _ Gregorianum

". . . sets out to take a sharp look at Thomas Aquinas's doctrine and method in a crucial area of his synthesis of Aristotelian philosophy and Christian revelation . . . . [Her] position, not by any means new in itself, is worked out . . . with rare subtlety and persuasiveness." _ The Expository Times

"Students of St. Thomas will welcome this stimulating and broad discussion of his thought. What we have here is a study which attempts to forge a very close unity between the metaphysics and the theology, in particular the Christology, of the Angelic Doctor." - Recensiones

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