Tourism and the History of Taormina, Sicily, 1750-1950

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In the making of a tourist resort, the strangers and their presence are only half the matter; the other half is the local people and their reactions. This study examines what the Taorminese did to develop their resources, the image and myth of Taormina, reconstructing its history from the local people’s point of view. The social organization of the community, its urban statute and sentiment, its first contact with outsiders, its history and monuments, its popular culture and sense of identiy are carefully investigated.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. Mapping Taormina
2. Becoming a Town
3. Taormina in Soft Focus – Foreign Views of the Town
4. Taormina: Roads and Railways
5. Taking Care of Taormina
6. A Century of Hotels and the Changing Town
7. Taormina over the Last Two Centuries
8. The Tourist Wave Submerges Taormina
Notes; Index of Names

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