Time Transcending Poetry of Edgar Allan Poe: An Explanation of the Mechanics of His Poetic Speech

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Winner of Adele Mellen Prize for Outstanding Scholarship
Monograph focuses on the poetic output of Edgar Allan Poe offering a new approach to his verse, whereby his poems are treated as unique phono-semantic structures, requiring specific interpretative procedures that bring to light the close correspondence between the phonetic orchestration and the semantic dimension in Poe’s poetry.


“Poe wrote in his 1842 ‘Exordium.’ ‘The analysis of a book is a matter of time and of mental exertion. For many classes of composition, there is required a deliberate perusal, with notes, and subsequent generalization.’ Studniarz offers here an interesting and intense ‘deliberate perusal.’ People of common sense – and those of uncommon sense, as well – will find this work provocative and stimulating.”
-Richard Kopley,
Distinguished Emeritus Professor of English,
Penn State DuBois

“This is a valuable resource for scholars of nineteenth-century American literature in general and Poe Studies in particular. It is the first scholarly work to treat Poe’s poetic oeuvre seriously in its own right and, at the same time, to offer close critical readings of key poems.”
-Professor William E. Engel,
Department of English,
The University of the South, TN

“As a work of scholarship it is a remarkable achievement and it will be a valuable contribution to Poe Studies, especially that apart of proposing a convincing and comprehensible discussion of the poet’s vision of the universe it also offers exemplary analyses of single poems, involving all the textual levels and their interrelation.”
-Professor Joanna Kokot,
University of Warmia and Mazury

Table of Contents

Foreword by Richard Kopley
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Outlining the Territory

A Survey of the Critical Field
A Brief Statement of Methodological Premises
Chapter 3: Astarte’s “Duplicate Horn”:
Duplicity and Deception in “Ulaluyme”
Chapter 4: The Heuristic Moment
Chapter 5: Apocalypsis Cum Figuris

Figure 1. The Disintegration of an Artistic Mind:
“The Haunted Palace”
Figure 2. The Doom of Humanity:
“The Conqueror Worm”
Figure 3. The Dominion of Death:
“The City in the Sea”
Figure 4. Time as a Demonic Ruler:
“The Bells”
Figure 5. The Epitaph for Humanity:
“The Valley of Unrest”
Chapter 6: Shadowy Glimpses Revelatory Flashes
Chapter 7: Toward a Poetic Apotheosis
Chapter 8: Conclusion

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