Three Reformation Catechisms: Catholic, Anabaptist, Lutheran

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Provides, along with Luther's previously translated "Small Catechism" (1529; trans. Theodore Tappert), first-time translations of the Catholic Dietrich Kolde's "Fruitful Mirror of a Christian Man" (1470; trans. Robert Dewell) and the Anabaptist Balthasar Hubmaier's "Christian Catechism" (1527; trans. Denis Janz). These catechisms were meant for children and adult laypersons in late-medieval and early-Reformation Germany.


". . . can play a useful role in a variety of courses on Reformation studies and religious education" _ Church History "Janz has performed a valuable service by opening another window into this transitional period of late Medieval and early Reformation theology and piety." _ The Mennonite Quarterly Review

"We should be grateful to Janz (and to his collaborator, Robert Dewell) for making available for the first time in English two important Reformation-period catechisms." _ Journal of Ecumenical Studies

"The availability of the Kolde and Hubmaier texts in English will be greatly appreciated." _ Studies in Religion - Sciences Religieuses ". . . useful for the instruction of undergraduates as well as seminarians." _ Religious Studies Review

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