Thought of Jacques Ellul a Systematic Exposition

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A study of the work of Jacques Ellul, a professor of history and sociology of institutions at the University of Bourdeaux "whom Fasching considers - and with good reason - the most important Christian thinker on the implications of a technological civilization with regard to religion" (ADRIS).


". . . lives up to its subtitle in every respect. For now, it is the systematic exposition of Ellul's thought." - Horizons

". . . fills a real need . . . the most reliable guide to Ellul's thought available. In an able and workmanlike fashion, Fasching expounds the main points of Ellul's considerable opus of some 30 volumes and provides a running commentary of clarification, perspective, and criticism. . . . a very good book." - The Antaeus Report

". . . Fasching's interpretation of Ellul is accurate and persuasive. . . . a penetrating commentary on Ellul and a persuasive argument for making technology central to our present-day theologizing." - Calvin Theological Journal

". . . a pioneering contribution to the understanding and appreciation of one of the important Christian minds of the 20th century." - ADRIS

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