Thorstein Veblen and His European Contemporaries, 1880-1940. A Study of Comparative Sociologies

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This is the first systematic analysis of the intellectual and cultural relationship
between Thorstein Veblen and his contemporaries.


“…As much as the title might suggest that the (Author) analysis rests on connections between people, it is not about scholars but about scholarly ideas. This is a first-rate study of ideas, that is, ideas that are situated in the context of the late 19th century.” -Prof. Doug Brown, Northern Arizona University

“…an important contribution to the intellectual history of western thought in the crucial period of time, 1880-1940. Contemporary thinkers are beginning to reassess this period because it is now recognized as the first great period of globalization.”-Prof. Ronnie J. Phillips, Colorado State University

“…the most important original thinker that America has produced. Veblen enriches modern social theory, particularly critical theory, with his unique contributions to economics, sociology, history, political science, evolutionary theory, esthetics, ethics, and the philosophy of science.”-Prof. William M. Dugger, University of Tulsa

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