Theresienstadt Deception: The Concentration Camp the Nazis Created to Deceive the World (softcover)

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The author describes the social structure, created by the prisoners themselves at Theresienstadt: the library, banks, schools, orchestra, medical facilities, and economic life. The book’s author provides eye witness information about the organization of this camp created by the Nazis in order to deceive the world about their true purpose.


“Theresienstadt was a Nazi prison camp intentionally designed to deceive the world about the true nature of the Third Reich. ?Vera Schiff’s eyewitness account of the prison and its inhabitants paints a vivid picture of the human response to inhumane conditions. Her book is an invaluable contribution to the historical record. Writing with dignity, intelligence, honesty, and skill, Ms. Schiff creates an intimate portrait of a place, a time, and a valiant prison population determined to celebrate life and culture. This is a remarkable book by a remarkable woman.”

- Madeline Albright

Table of Contents

1. Theresienstadt:?An Overview
Fast Downfall
Fooling the Jews
Great Deception
Red Cross Commission

2. Structure and Organization of the Camp
Authority and Hierarchy
Jewish Government
Camp Population
Layout of the Camp and Daily Life
Population and Facilities
Camp Maintenance
Theresienstadt’s Library
Bank of Theresienstadt
Culture and Art
Attempts to Flee or Fight

3. The?Children of Terezin

4. The Artists of Theresienstadt
Painters and Graphic Artists

5. Health?Care
Department of Internal Medicine
Department of Urology
Department of Gynecology
Department of Surgery
Insane AsylumM

6. Relationships in Terezin
Friends in Theresienstadt
Sex and Love
Religious Life and Relations with G-D
(and more)

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