The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and the Pursuit of Global Justice (UNAOC): Overcoming Western versus Muslim Conflict and the Creation of a Just World Order

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UNAOC's (The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations) raison d'etre is to link both elite and non-elite people with an interest to its concerns, including senior politicians and diplomats, as well as representatives of civil society. The overall purpose is to create, embed and develop a durable and evolving network of state and non-state, secular and faith-based, entities in order to enhance civilisational dialogue and thereby undermine chances of inter-civilisational conflict.


"Yet, with its focus on the origins and raison d'etre of the UNOAC, its status inside the UN and its relationship with a plethora of different governmental and non-governmental actors and its meticulous analysis of the achievements and shortcomings , this book provides new and unique insights into current and ongoing attempts to accommodate inter-civilizational conflict in international politics."
Professor Dr. Aurel Croissant, University of Heidelberg

"... sheds light on a little-known UN agency (The Alliance of Civilizations, UNOAC), and is a welcome contribution to the scholarship. The book provides a historical background for the agency and sets it firmly in the UN context of international relations, and sets out to answer why and how UNOAC has developed over the years. By treating UNOAC in a consistent and critical manner the book addresses international relations concerns and more specifically inter-religious tensions. ... Although the UNOAC has not become the important UN agency it aspires to, an organization such as this obviously has the potential of becoming politically influential."
Professor Anne Stensvold, University of Oslo

Table of Contents

Foreword by Aurel Croissant

Chapter 1: The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and the Pursuit of Global Justice

Chapter 2: The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations and Non-State Actors: The Problematic Pursuit of Global Justice

Chapter 3: The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations , States and International Organisations: The Politics of Global Injustice

Chapter 4: The Balance Sheet: The United Nations Alliance of Civilisations after 13 Years




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