The Theme of E.M. Forster's Novels: The Quest for Immortality

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This book has been awarded the Adele Mellen Prize for its distinguished contribution to scholarship.

"It is rather difficult, indeed delicate, to think of and to try to consider the theme of self-perpetuation in the novels of E.M. Forster, for we come across several other themes in them, ones more prominent, more attractive and more interesting. Nevertheless, this theme of self-perpetuation has a kind of subtlety that is challenging in nature." -Dr. Smita Jha

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Forster's Literary Career, Forster's Literary Critics, and Forster's Theory of Immortality
Chapter 2: Where Angels Fear to Tread
Chapter 3: The Longest Journey
Chapter 4: A Room with a View
Chapter 5: Howard's End
Chapter 6: A Passage to India
Chapter 7: The Theme of Self-Perpetuation

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