The Theatre of José Martin Recuerda, Spanish Dramatist: Dramas of Franco and Post-Franco Spain

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This collection provides scholars and researchers unique access to valuable, but heretofore unpublished work by one of Spain's most talented contemporary playwrights of the Franco and post-Franco eras. Of particular importance is the inclusion of El Enemigo, a psychological drama written in 1943 to which many of the elements of his more mature theatre may be traced. The remaining plays written between 1982 and 1991 are crucial in helping us gain greater insight and appreciation for the development of his theatre during the first full decade of Democratic Spain. The prefatory study and introduction provide a solid framework, and the volume contains the most extensive critical bibliography on his theatre to date.


"Having Martín Recuerda's unpublished plays available for the first time, and in one readily accessible volume, will be invaluable to scholars and students of contemporary Spanish theater. A volume like this belongs in every university and research library and on the bookshelf of every theater book store." - Martha T. Halsey, editor of ESTRENO and ESTRENO Contemporary Spanish Plays Series

"The six plays in the collection are instrumental in our need to achieve a more comprehensive view of the ideological and aesthetic concerns of Martín Recuerda's theater. . . . Equally noteworthy are Professor Torres's introductory comments and bibliography of works on Martín Recuerda. As the present century draws to a close and scholars prepare to sum up the experiences of the Spanish theater, it will be imperative to consult Professor Torres's text." - John P. Gabriele

"The publication of these six works will provide scholars of Martín Recuerda's dramaturgy with the missing pieces of the puzzle in tracing the trajectory of his production." - Barry Weingarten

"Professor Torres has provided both detailed biographical information and an excellent critical overview of Recuerda's theatre which will be useful to the specialist as well as to the reader discovering Recuerda's theatre for the first time. As a leading

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