The “Life Map” as an Implicit Cognitive Structure Underlying Behavior

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An innovative examination of the “Life Map”, which conceives a new method for the practice of psychology.


“A deep and valuable contribution to the understanding of our individual journey” – Prof. Corinne M. Harmon, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

“An innovative framework utilizing life history research.” – Glenda L. Carne, University of Colorado- Colorado Springs

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Life Maps Process: Overview of Research and Development of an Applied Methodology

Chapter 2 Hard Knocks or a Golden Spiral? Life Metaphors as Cultural Schemas

Chapter 3 Lives in Transition: Variation in Cultural Schemas of a Human Life Course

Chapter 4 Of Schemas and Themas in Life Path Maps: Toward an Archetypal Reading of Life‘s Ups and Downs (with Debra J. Breazzano)

Chapter 5 Mapping Archetype Themas: The Life History of an Ensemble Cast of Mythic Characters

Chapter 6 Life Mapping in the Public Domain: Applying Cognitive Anthropology

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