The Image of the Non- Jew in Judaism: An Historical and Constructive Study of the Noahide Laws

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The first full-length monograph which deals with this subject, this book serves two primary purposes: to trace the development of the concept of gentile normativeness in the history of Jewish law and theology, and to show how this concept had tremendous internal influence on the development of that law and that theology themselves.


". . . a goldmine of information and philosophical reflection." - Menorah

"This is a book of major importance, both for what it does and for the future possibilities which it indicates." - The Jewish Law Association

"Novak's thorough and authoritative survey amply repays close study. Advanced undergraduates and up." - Choice

". . . the depth and breadth of this book's treatment of its subject are its great strengths. It is much more sophisticated in both method and content than the only other single volume on the subject. This book is demanding reading." - The Journal of Religion

"This book, learned, sophisticated and intensely important, is a major contribution to late 20th-century Jewish thought." - Arnold Jacob Wolf

Table of Contents

Introduction – What is this thing called radicalism?
Part One: Theoretical discourse: Elusiveness and specificity
Schools of Thought
Perception, reality and public policy
Part Two: Practice: Impact on the political process
Impact on external relations
Impact on the institutions of foreign policy
Part Three: Policy: Periodic analysis
Radical expectation, radical language and radical action – the Akinyemi experiment
Conclusion and Postscript

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