The Existential Dramaturgy of William Shakespeare: Character Created Through Crisis

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An interpretation of Shakespeare through the spiritual crisis of his chief characters.


"Not the least of the book's virtue, is its forceful, succinct, and often eloquent style of writing and its lucidity, I feel Shakespearians and others should welcome such a book." - Prof. S. Viswanathan, Aligarh Muslim University

Table of Contents

Foreword James Ogden
Chapter 1: Shakespeare’s Characterization: An Existential View
Chapter 2: Patterns of Love in Twelfth Night
Chapter 3: The Merchant of Venice: An Existential Comedy
Chapter 4: Shakespeare’s Allegory of Love
Chapter 5: Shakespeare’s Existential Tragedy
Chapter 6: Richard III and Richard II: Two Forms of Alienation
Chapter 7: The Problem of Identity in Troilus and Cressida
Chapter 8: Fools of Time in Macbeth
Chapter 9: Solitariness of the Victim in Othello
Chapter 10: The Protagonist’s Dilemma in Timon of Athens
Chapter 11: Marcus Brutus: The Divided Self
Chapter 12: Coriolanus — the Roots of Alienation
Chapter 13: The Ambivalence of Caliban

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