The Effect of the Covid-19 Pandemic on HCBUs' Academic and Social Culture

From Abstract: In March of 2020, the world was faced with yet another life altering event that was viewed as a national health crisis. Silently roaming earth and affecting so many people, this infectious disease, caused by a newly discovered coronavirus, Covid-19, created alarming chaos and changed how the world communicated, worked, and lived. The new normal came with swift changes and challenged our mental, social and emotional state.
Business as usual looks differently at many institutions of higher learning. Having to face the realization that normalized learning was on the verge of changing its persona and wondering if black and brown students would be able to pivot and remain connected was in question. Recognizing HCBUs have always been havens of resilience, being a beacon of hope for "people of color," this pandemic would not change her position. The times would transform, but her glory would not fade. She would continue to move in haste focused on her mission.


From the Foreword, by Dr. N. Joyce Payne:
...this powerful book draws together and interprets facts and findings that will allow us to create a more accurate and comprehensive picture of Black colleges at the intersection of education and social justice. With this body of scholarly work, we can create an America that truly believes in and is willing to invest in realizing the infinite possibilities of human potential as a pathway to the highest quality of education, social justice and economic prosperity.

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