The Book of Acts According to Alexander Campbell: An Historical and Rhetorical Commentary - Book 3

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Winnner of the Adele Mellen Prize
Alexander Campbell was a 19th century religious reformer and founder of three major denominations, The Churches of Christ, The Disciples of Christ and The Christian Churches. This study collects his comments on each Book of Acts in the New Testament.

Each chapter begins with Campbell's translations of one chapter of Acts, followed verse by his verse-by-verse comments, keyed to the King James Version. Also included are occasional comments showing how Campbell appealed to these verses in his many controversies. Extensive footnotes direct the scholar to parallel comments and allows historians to study his sources and influences, and biblical scholars to evaluate his contributions.


"A remarkable work, containing three versions of the biblical text of Book of Acts, translated by Alexander Campbell, is now available for study and comparison. ... It contains a bibliography and several valuable indexes. A must for all serious students of Bible translation and especially of Campbell's Writings." -- Bible Editions & Versions

"These scholarly volumes contain both translations and commentary by Alexander Campbell (1788-1866), one of the outstanding religious/intellectual leaders of American society in the nineteenth century. ... gives background about the History of the Restoration and Stone-Campbell Movements, as well as fascinating biographical information about Alexander Campbell." -Bible Review Journal

Table of Contents




A Historical and Rhetorical Commentary
The Centality of the Bible in Campbell's Thinking
A Nineteenth-Century Commentary
Sources Used

Introduction to the Book of Acts

Title and Text
Author and Authenticity
The Value of Acts
Other Observations

Acts 1:1-26
Acts 2: 1-47
Acts 3: 1-26
Acts 4: 1-37
Acts 5: 1-42
Acts 6: 1-15
Acts 7: 1-60
Acts 8: 1-40
Acts 9: 1-43
Acts 10: 1-48
Acts 11: 1-30
Acts 12: 1-25
Acts 13: 1-52
Acts 14: 1-28
Acts 15: 1-41
Acts 16: 1-40
Acts 17: 1-34
Acts 18: 1-28
Acts 19 1-41
Acts 20 1-38
Acts 21: 1-40
Acts 22 1-30
Acts 23: 1-35
Acts 24: 1-27
Acts 25: 1-27
Acts 26: 1-32
Acts 27: 1-44
Acts 28: 1-31


Index of Scriptures

Index of Subjects

Other Religion-Christianity-Scripture, New Testament Books

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