Teutonic Mythology of Richard Wagner's the Ring of the Nibelung, Volume 1

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Winner of the `Adele Mellen Award for Distinguished Scholarship'
An exhaustive, three-volume presentation of the totality of mythological thought associated with Wagner's Ring. Certain to become a classic in its field. Volume One, Nine Dramatic Properties, includes extensive treatments of: the World Ash, the Rainbow Bridge, Donner's Golden Hammer, Valhalla, and the Ring. Volume Two, The Family of Gods, presents each god in rich detail and unprecedented breadth of coverage. Volume Three (Parts 1 and 2), The Natural and Supernatural Worlds, includes a supplement on the names presented in the first two volumes with specific examination of every person, thing, or object given a proper name in the drama. Assembles and explicates the many miscellaneous elements, difficult to categorize, that are vital to appreciation of the Ring.

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