Territories of Breath/territoires Du Souffle: Bilingual Translation

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This book of poems consists of twelve groupings of texts under the rubric “Pistes,” designating the paths of earthly experience that intersect the territories of breath, in the sense of the Greek pneuma – the breath that instills life, and in Jungian interpretations, contains prophecy. At once present and eternal, these beautifully dense poems, like those of Dickinson in their economy of expression and fidelity to the concrete, are acts of light. Includes notes and critical introduction.


“Judy Cochran’s remarkable translations of Andrée Chedid’s Territoires du souffle (Territories of Breath) have achieved universal dimension. A poet in her own right, Cochran unveils each word of each poem, stripping it of its mass, its outer core, to better capture, penetrate, then revivify its crucial collective inner memory – that thought/sensation which haunts Andrée Chedid as she seeks to penetrate the great enigma that is life!” – Bettina L. Knapp

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