Technology Policy of the Korean State Since 1961: Successful Development of Science and Technology

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This book examines the differences in technology development across industries in Korea, and the ruling government at the time of policy enactment.


“This book is a solid contribution to the literature on both the role of the state in the political economy of East Asian countries, as well as science and technology policymaking in developing countries. Professor Campbell shows how each political regime from the 1960s to 1990s pursued a slightly different approach to building a science and technology infrastructure. He seeks to explain the relationship between political and economic crisis, and technological development.” – Prof. Hieyeon Keum, University of Seoul

“Statist theory has made a comeback in political science in the last twenty years, and this book shows the continued relevance and explanatory power of state-led theories in economic development in the literature on East Asia’s postwar political politics. Campbell shows the continued success of these theories to take into account the peculiar national realities in specific East Asian countries.” – Prof. Wanli Wang, Tankang University

“Dr. Campbell’s original analysis of Korean economic development through the concept of technology capacity helps to clarify and explain the political economy of South Korea.” – Prof. Jeong-Pyo Hong, Miyazaki International College

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Editorial Notes
Foreword by Hieyeon Keum
1. The State and Technology Policymaking
2. The Policymaking Process in Korean S&T Decision Making
3. The Changing Role of the Korean State in S&T Policy Making
4. Case Studies of S&T Policy Making in Korea
5. Proximate Mirrors: Korean S&T Policy Compared to Three Other Developing Nations
6. Summary and Conclusion

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