Teatro y Revolución Cubana: Subversión y Utopía en los Siete Contra Tebas de Antón Arrufat / Theater and Cuban Revolution - Subversion and Utopia in Seven Against Thebes by Antón Arrufat

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This study offers a profound study of Arrufat’s play, using most recent critical trends concerning the performance aspect of the drama. It examines the genre of the drama and its relationship to the phenomenon of the Cuban Revolution, Arrufat as a Cuban playwright of the 60s and his re-writing of the Greek theme of the fratricidal fight in Aeschylus’ Seven Against Thebes. Also contains a recent interview with Arrufat in which he describes the social circumstances surrounding the play and some of his classical re-writing techniques. In Spanish.

“With the useful journey through Seven Against Thebes and its epoch furnished by this book, two assertions are well-established: first, the play is one of the masterpieces of Cuban theater of all time; and second, Barquet’s study constitutes a model of criticism in the field of Latin-American drama.” – José A. Escarpanter

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introducción; bio-bibliografía breve de Antón Arrufat
1. El case se investiga: El “caso Arrufat”
2. Tres contextos artístico-literarios pertinentes a Los siete contra Tebas – Sociedad, cultutra y teatro cubanos entre 1959-1971; reescritura dramática de los clásicos en el siglo XX y la tradición teatral cubana; La dramaturgia de Antón Arrufat
3. Texto y contexto en la recepción y génesis de Los siete contra Tebas
4. Heteroglosia y subversión en Los Siete contra Tebas
5. Subversión desde los discrusos non-verbal y verbal de Los Siete contra Tebas
Repaso final: Vigencia y utopía de Los Siete contra Tebas
En claro: Entrebambalinas: Antón Arrufat habla sobre Los Siete contra Tebas

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